Love at First Sight

A man declares he knew she was the one at 1st sight,then drops her at 1st fight!

He has lied on his heart and eyes.

He told a story,a tale that even her romantic heart knew was too fantastic to be believed.

Even he at 1st fight knew it wasnt true,that he was talking out the side if his neck.

Tongue of a serpant,heart of stone and mouth of a thief.






Resting Bitch Face Strikes Again!

First day of speech class,my instructor pulled me aside during break.I’m thinking it’s highly inappropriate to be asking me on a date the 1st day of class.He could at least wait until I’m no longer his student.This Ralph Lauren Romance must be a love potion.HA!

As he covered his face with a piece of lined paper,he leaned in and asked,”Ms.Ford are you comfortable?You’ve had the same facial expression for two hours.”

My initial reaction was to bust out laughing,but in true Angela fashion I smirked.I informed Dr.Rodgers,not to be confused with Mr.Rodgers from the hood that my mom said I’ve had resting bitch face since the day I was born.I put it in nicer terms.I just didn’t know what to tell him.

I can’t control it to the point my grandmother’s husband said I was mean and evil.I was eight years old!My son’s ex girlfriend thought I was a mute because during a dinner I just listened and observed the group fun.

Hell,maybe sometimes I just laugh in my head.I could’ve sworn I laughed at a few of jokes.Maybe he’s used to people LOL or belting out large guffaws!Before to do that and snort it has to be hilarious.But this also made me reflect that maybe RBF is the reason men don’t approach me or are surprised when I show an interest in them.Again,I think I’m looking at them with interest not scorn!HA!

Oh well,resting bitch face strikes again






I had the oppurtunity to spend the Christmas holiday with family out of town.My dad invited me,we took turns driving and he paid for the gas.He stayed at a hotel and I stayed with my great gma,grandma and great aunt.I also,visited my maternal uncle and his girlfriend.Totally different world,something I needed.

From the time I set foot in my great aunt’s house and my uncle’s apartment to the time I left,I was handled with love.My great aunt Merri either cooked breakfast or bought it.She mainly drove.She cooked the whole Christmas dinner wouldn’t let me help.She even gave me wrapped Christmas gifts.Eventhough,we didn’t get to know eachother until I was an adult,her gift’s were personal.All things I love candles,jewelry and VS!My uncle Kenny wouldn’t let me drive,his girlfriend Carol cooked Christmas dinner and made breakfast.All I had to do was show up.

When you’re use to running the show and taking care of everyone it’s hard to take a backseat to the action.But I eventually trusted them,the universe and received all the goodness bestowed upon me.I received without guilt or worry about repaying.I relaxed my mind.

I don’t know if it was fresh air,different scenery,75-80 degree,love or a combination of it all but I came home optomistic about life and lighter.I changed.I hadn’t made homemade breakfast in awhile(especially since my children started leaving the nest) and ate it at the table.I decluttered and rearranged my house.My Uncle Kenny gave me aloe vera plant’s.I repotted them,so far they’re good.(no green thumb).I put one aside for my neighbor Marg,she has an electric snowblower and every winter clears our sidewalks.She’s been a big help since I first purchased my home over 6yrs ago.

I guess,I needed a reset to see that life is good and okay.

Do you need a reset?



Ultra Match

This is a quick but funny post.I’m on POF a dating site.There’s this matching by personality,chemistry etc..Several observation’s  I’ve noticed:

1.The majority of my matches are European .Of course,the majority don’t swirl or are looking for someone more physically fit.Even if they aren’t the cat’s meow themselves.

2. After talking to two of my match’s on the phone, we didn’t get along.Different point’s of view.

3. If you look decent and actually interested in knowing them,you must be a gold digger,crazy or a fake account.I believe that explains more about them than me.

4. The same guy’s on POF are on Match,Christian Mingle,Black Planet etc..Just like me!

5. There are so many single people in the world,but we can’t seem to find eachother.

6. It’s easier  to find someone in IRL.Google is fabulous and there’s no reason we shouldn’t know that someone is in a relationship or married. Which leads me to 7.

7. Why are there so many people in relationship’s or married on there? How come they can’t chat with their mate?plenty_of_fish_in_the_sea

Online dating has shown me that I  need to work on myself more OR change my answer’s on the matching test. Maybe I don’t really want what I think I want.

Something to think about.

Peace and happy fishing.



Recently,I had two separate dreams.I want to not just remember,but also share.My dreams  almost always feel real. Like I’m in between sleep and fully awake.

The first dream,I could tell I was at work.I went through several rooms and ended up in the kitchen/office.My manager was there and she had something in her hand.It was keys or a spectra-link phone(I’m still confused about that part).She would put the spectra-link/keys in my hand.Then take it back.Next,she turned to the side and I noticed she was about four to five months pregnant.Mind you my manager is about 50 years old.(HA!)I awoke right after and went back to sleep after thinking about the meaning.

The second dream.In this dream,I was at my ex house.He gave me the key to his house.I went to leave,but couldn’t. His driveway turned into a drive thru.I finally found an opening and went home.I made it home and he called to ask for his key back.Next,there was a knock at the door and I thought it was him.I could feel myself get out the bed to answer the door in real life.As I went to answer the door I asked,”Who is it?”He yelled,”Daniel!”I looked out through the glass square windowpane of the backdoor.I noted it was a bright sunny day. There was a white or light man who I didn’t recognize. I went to lock the door. He yelled while lifting his leg to kick the door in,”Get back or I’m going to hurt you.”Something of that nature.I ran back to my room and jumped out of by bedroom window.I woke with my heart beating like I was running.

I have a few theories about  both dreams.Especially,the one work related as there is a bit of transition happening.I do believe the theme of both dreams are dealing with communication and relationships(duh).My angels maybe sending me a message and “Daniel”may have actually been an Angel.Still processing.

I pray for myself often and have noticed some results,but still felt the urge for some extra help.I asked someone to pray for direction and wisdom  related to work.Instead,they prayed for discernment and wisdom.Discernment the ability to judge well feels more appropriate.

To be continued or not.I still owe a post with pictures of those Hello  Fresh meals.

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Fresh food in a box!

After the third time this week having dinner over my mom’s I think it’s time to go grocery shopping.Since it’s just me thought I would try a meal service.I ordered a Vegetarian Box for 2 people 3 meals.That’s 6 meals for me.Regular price 59.00 with coupon 29 bucks plus free shipping.I’ll let you know if it’s worth it or you can try if for yourself. Use my referral code & we both benefit!Capture+_2016-06-28-20-19-51